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This Study

Since launching the land development projects, during the nineties of the past century, through systematic organizational work and classifying it as the priority of the Palestinian agriculture sector, Various questions used to rise to people working in the field, whether technicians or decision makers, these questions used to include:

  • How long will such projects last?

  • Which locations must be targeted and given priority over others?

  • What are the needed resources?

  • What are the expected outputs of such projects?

  • What are the strategies and procedures needed for achieving the outputs?

  • How shall the roles be distributed among the different parties in the sector?

There is no doubt that this study has offered answers to the first four questions. In addition, it provided the baselines needed to answer the others.

However, maintenance works are always needed. Maintenance might include rehabilitation programs and replanting of already consumed or dying trees and plants.

Land development is a long lasting and continuous process. Even in the best case scenario where we can allocate full capacity, use all the available efforts, and assuming that all the needed resources are available and that the political situation does not act as an obstacle, carrying out such a process will take up to thirty years.